Motherhood During Training

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Ever wonder when you should have children as a female physician? If there is a "right time"? Or if the answer is just "never"... Ever wonder how to balance being a mom AND a physician? This post on touches on how Dr. Jia Hwei Ng was able to have children during her training and how she balanced being a "Mom in Medicine".

Motherhood in Training SheMD Moms in Medicine

My eyes darted back and forth the wall clock. I am two hours late. I cannot just possibly interrupt ICU rounds now! What do I say? I have to show my commitment! A fever crept up my neck and the tenderness intensified. I nodded intently as I pretended to listen to what my attending and co-residents said. Rounds ended. I slipped out of the ICU, gathered my supplies and ran discretely towards the pumping room.