Tips to Succeed as an Intern

Intern year of residency is one of the most difficult transitions to make during the medical training period. It is full of change and fast-paced learning that will ultimately shape you into a physician. Dr. Roma Mehta visits the blog today to share what she wish she knew before starting her intern year!

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All the data shows women in medicine have to prove ourselves more than men in medicine. The gender equality movement is moving slowly, and although moving, there are still discrepancies. Here are some things to consider to help you stand out and succeed during your intern year.

1. Be organized.

This may sound cliché, but an intern’s job includes having all the relevant data for an attending. However, as an intern you may not know what is relevant, so having a way to organize a lot of details will come in handy. Patient cards with a trend of labs is a popular mechanism at our institution. Make sure to create a TO DO List during rounds. You won’t remember everything, so don’t even try. Just write it down. This will take you very far in terms of your efficiency, and everyone loves an efficient intern. An efficient intern is a real asset to patient care.