Motherhood and Medicine: "Doing It All"

A few months ago, a woman posted an anonymous article about infertility in medicine. Well, at least that was the title. The content was about much more than infertility. It is about the struggle almost any woman pursuing medicine has debated at some point of her life.

The presence of women in medicine is not new; many strong, intelligent and brave women forged this path decades ago when they were the only ones in their medical schools and residencies. Still, women in medicine is newer than the presence of women in the home.

Many of us, myself included, grew up with a mother that stayed home or worked part-time. The mother managed the home, even if she worked, and was responsible for many of the day to day items that allowed life to run smoothly.

The mom planned meals, cooked meals, cleaned the house, did the shopping, helped with homework, coordinated schedules for extracurricular activities, did the laundry, tidied the home, and so much more. While those same moms may have empowered us to follow our dreams and expand our view of the role of women, words are just words if they don’t align with our beliefs.

We often don’t realize this until our thoughts start creeping in and confusing us. Around our mid-20's we think about our future and realize our beliefs and views around what makes a mother are directly in conflict with our goals to become a physician. With the growing number of nontraditional medical students, this is even more of a concern.