Why Pathology? A Bunch of Reasons You Should Consider My Specialty (If You Haven't Already)

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Trying to figure out what kind of doctor you should become? Wondering what specialty you should choose? Then SheMD's Why Specialty Series is perfect for you! We're bringing you female physicians sharing WHY they chose their specialty. Today's post is on why Dr. Fitzhugh chose the field of Pathology and why Pathology is a great field for women.

Why Pathology SheMD Why Specialty

Once upon a time, I was chatting with a young surgeon while waiting for a frozen section, and he asked, "Why did you go into pathology? That's such a waste of your personality! You’re so good with people!" I stared at him blankly, wondering what lunacy provoked the question, before answering, "You like talking to me, right?" And he answered, "Yes, of course!" I immediately said, "Good, because doctors qualify as people, so it would serve me well to get along with them. I don’t think I've wasted my personality.”