What is Physician Re-entry?

Updated: Mar 6

Dr. Kimberly Templeton joins us on the blog today to talk about Physician Re-entry. If you're not familiar with the term, you are NOT alone. We didn't either. Physician re-entry refers to physicians who leave the practice of medicine for a period of time and then return to practice at a later time. This post is an EXCELLENT resource for those who may be considering a pause in their practice and how they can plan ahead for their return to their career.

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You have everything in your life planned:

Finish medical school? ✔️Check

Complete residency? ✔️Check

Start the practice opportunity of your dreams? ✔️Check

Have your first child, take 3 or 4 years away from practice, and then return-maybe part-time.? Uh….no.

Leaving the practice of medicine for an extended period of time is becoming more common. The most common reasons that physicians take time away- and thus decide to let their licenses lapse- include health issues, burnout, pursuing a different career (within or outside of medicine) or retiring, and family needs. This issue is somewhat different for women, as they are much more likely than men to leave practice because of family needs, reflecting societal gendered expectations, including raising children.