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Taming ERAS - Applying To Residency

In medical school, have you ever felt like EVERYTHING is on fire? Have you ever felt like your life is going up in flames? Do you feel that way when you think about applying for residency and the match? We DID!

Our goal is to help you PUT OUT THE FIRES. One of the best ways, is to stay on top of things and put out LITTLE FLAMES before they become BIG FIRES.

So how do we put out the little flames instead of big fires when it comes to match, you ask?

You have to be prepared and KNOW what is coming and what is expected of you.

We think this free SheMD E-book on applying to residency will help do that.

In this E-Book, we will touch on:

  1. Information you MUST know with links to the websites you need - such as the AAMC website, the ERAS workbook, the ERAS guidebook and SO many more sites.

  2. Components of the ERAS application that you will be responsible for and some advice, such as your personal information, CV, photo and more.

  3. Some TIPS on what THE PROGRAM is looking for in an applicant - such as whether you need a professional photographer for your photo, how long to make your personal statement and more.

  4. Rules of the game... SO IMPORTANT

  5. Cost of applying

  6. Resources to help you determine how many programs to apply to AND MORE!

DISCLAIMER: We are giving you generic information that is NOT specific to a specialty. We at SheMD are heavily involved in Emergency Medicine and cannot give advice specific to other specialties. But we share general advice that can be applied to all and provide links to more information for specific specialties.

Want to see what some of the RULES of the game are?

If you want to read more, click HERE.

And be sure to share with your friends applying to residency!

Best of luck to those applying this year.


Melissa & Lexie

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