My Career as a Part-Time Physician

Dr. Rona Schwartz joins us at SheMD to discuss how she created a part-time career as a physician that fit her lifestyle. She shares how and why she encourages new physicians to consider taking less than full time from the start if they can afford it. And how it may prevent burnout and make scheduling easier as a working parent. While part-time isn't for everyone, this is a GREAT post on how a part-time career as a physician make work PERFECTLY for some!

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Since I finished residency in 2000 ( 20 years ago!) I have always worked part time. My first job at a health clinic had an opening for a 36 hour a week employee. Since I was newly married and living in a new city , I was hopeful to explore and relax on my half day off. As most physicians experience, a 40 hours / week job can really be working 50 hours a week so pretty soon working “ part time” really just helped me to work 40 hours.

Soon after, I had my first child and I came back at 12 weeks but dropped my schedule to 32 hours. I had one full day off a week to be home with my infant. I hired a babysitter and , due to my husband's more irregular hours, the babysitter worked the exact hours I was out of the house. This ended up that I paid her for 40 hours a week to work 4 ten hour days. I was aware if i was working 40 hours a week, I would have needed to pay the babysitter for overtime to get to 50 hours. I felt lucky to have my 32 hours and to be able to afford a full time babysitter.

As a new mom, I en