Misogynies and Misperceptions: Musings of a Female Physician Towards the End of Her Career

Today's post by Dr. Cristina Carballo-Perelman (@ccperelman) shares her musings towards the ends of her career about the misogynies and misperceptions that she has faced in the last decades of medical practice.

It is a great reminder as we start this new year that we have come a LONG WAY and yet we still have a LONG WAY to go to achieve true equality.

As a woman physician practicing for over thirty-one years, I have faced many misogynistic occurrences as well as misperceptions about my career choice. This blatant devaluation of women within medicine may be similar to what other women have had or continue to face daily. At large, these experiences resulted in a journey not always easy, nor welcomed, but in the end, accepted for the maturity obtained.

My hope is that by telling my personal story through the following short vignettes, those facing similar attacks to their persona c