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Your Career Needs Many Mentors, Not Just One

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Let's talk about mentorship in medicine:

Finding mentors can be hard! The pressure to find that one perfect mentor is like the pressure to find a spouse... kind of. I love the suggestion of created a BOARD OF DIRECTORS or MASTERMIND GROUP shared by Harvard Business Review in their article titled, "Your Career Needs Many Mentors, Not Just One.

“Many professionals have had success with creating mastermind groups, which are a curated mix of peers who meet regularly to discuss professional challenges and hold one another accountable. But less formal arrangements - sometimes called mentor board of directors, a personal board of directors, or a kitchen cabinet - can also be effective."

According to the article, "the chief distinction between finding a “mentor” and creating a “mentor board of directors” is that there is less pressure to find one person who represents your ideal future self. You can diversify your search criteria and learn from a variety of people.” 

This is a great article that talks about how to created your personal BOD or mastermind group. 
Consider what you want to learn and where you are headed professionally. What do you need to learn to get there? Who do you respect that can teach you those skills? Arrange to spend time learning from them and make your relationship reciprocal! What can you do for them?

Check it out on HBR. And peek at our Instagram Post.

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