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Dr. Manisha Relan is a pediatric allergist and clinical immunologist at a private practice in central New York, where she sees both children and adults for asthma, allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis, eczema, food allergy, bee allergy, medication allergy, hives, angioedema, and clinical immunology. She earned a Bachelors in Nutrition and Food Sciences with Honors from Wayne State University where she also went to medical school. She trained in Pediatrics at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY followed by a year as a NICU hospitalist, and then Allergy/Immunology fellowship at SUNY Buffalo. She loves learning and teaching. She is in charge of the anaphylaxis training at her practice and passionate about women’s health, food allergies, rhinitis, and immunotherapy. She maintains a personal professional Instagram account @pedsallergymd where you can follow and reach out to her with questions.

Dr. Manisha Relan

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