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I am a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician in Seattle, WA at Seattle Childrens' Hospital. After moving around a ton as a child, and then again to complete my training, when I was offered a position in Seattle, I knew I would never leave! I was fortunate to meet my husband here, and have been in the area since 2009.

I completed medical school in Kansas City, residency in Connecticut and my pediatric EM fellowship in Pittsburgh.

My husband and I absolutely love the Pacific Northwest and we are currently navigating how to be parents to two active boys as well as try to maintain our careers. And be happy!

I started writing in 2018 and find that it has helped me to digest some of the more challenging things about being a doctor, a mom, wife and teacher.

If interested, follow me at, on twitter @AnnieSlaterMD, on Instagram at @annieslatermd.

Dr. Annie Slater

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