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SheMD Reading List

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

At SheMD, we believe in life-long learning. And that does NOT just apply to our medical education. We've crafted a SheMD Reading List to share some of our MUST READ books and resources that we frequently reference in our SheMD talks and recommend to students, residents and physicians.

This post contains affiliate links. SheMD will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click the link and make a purchase. Read our disclosure for more info.

1. The Confidence Code - Women are less confidence in general of their abilities. We underestimate our performance. We suffer from imposter syndrome. This book gives great facts on the gaps that we see and tips on how to overcome them. To read our posts on this book click here, here or here.

2. Womenomics - Another great read by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay discussing the economic argument for women in the workplace.... Guess what?!? Women are GOOD for businesses. According to the book, there is an "asset-to-estrogen" ratio that shows that more women at a company means MORE profit for the company! To read more of our thoughts on this book, click here or click here.

3. Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook and on of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business digs into the issues women face in the workplace and describes steps women can take to achieve professionally while finding personal fulfillment. To read more of our posts from Lean In, click here or click here.

4. That's What She Said: What Men and Women Need To Know About Working Together - In this book, Joanne Lipman shares recommendations on how men and women together can create a more equitable workplace. To read more of our posts from That's What She Said, click here or click here.

5. Women Don't Ask - This book by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever combines anecdote and research to describe why women don't ask for what they need, want and deserve both at work and at home. To see our posts from Women Don't Ask, click here, here and here.

6. How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job - In this book, Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith delve into 12 habits that hold women back as they seek to advance in their careers, despite the fact that these habits may have worked in the past for them. For more posts of ours on How Women Rise, click here and here.

7. Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You're Worth - This book by Mika Brzezinski delves into the pay gap and why women are underpaid compared to their male colleagues. See more of our posts on Knowing Your Value here and here.

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