SheMD Interview Series: How to Interview During a Pandemic

Updated: Mar 6

As a participant in the couples’ match in 2019, I did nearly twenty interviews. For four months, my husband and I passed like ships in the night trying to find our new home. While some of that time was spent getting to know residents and faculty, much it of it was spent wandering through cafeterias, workrooms, and hospitals. Many times I had to finish one interview and drive to another dinner in the same day. On one interview, I forgot my suit and had to buy a brand new one at Target the morning of. The whole thing was exhausting, and frankly I was so stressed and tired that I spent most of the interviews wishing that the day was over.

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With the advent of the virtual interview season in 2020, I think applicants have a great opportunity to spend more time learning valuable information about programs and less time checking i