From Mentee to Mentor

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Over the past five years, I have grown professionally under the mentorship of Dr. Veronica Ades. As I prepare to take on residency and, with it, mentees of my own, I have dissected my experience to identify elements that contributed to this fruitful relationship.

Connect mentees to helpful contacts.

One of the most important ways Dr. Ades contributed to my success was by sharing her contacts: a department chair who set me up with a research project abroad, an analyst who guided me through the process of developing a survey and database for the first time, a research assistant who reviewed my IRB before submission, and the list goes on. Though she could have guided me through all of these tasks, directing me to these contacts empowered me to take more ownership and provided me with the building blocks I would need for any future projects. It also allowed us to use our time together for troubleshooting, refinement of methodology, and the identification of applications and limitations of the work — on getting a “big picture” view.